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About Me

John Doe

As a full stack developer, coding is not just a job for me, it's a lifestyle.

Loving knowing how the guts of a website or an app work might sound geeky, but I have been doing it for 5 years now and I haven't worn-out so far!

I have worked with several technologies over the years, but the framework I am most comfortable with is Ruby on Rails (and alternatively NodeJS) and I'm unstoppable when using AngularJS in web front-end.

However, I can use different types of database indistinctly (MySQL, MongoDB), deploy the product to the server with Git/Capistrano and carry out e2e tests before launching.

Finally, as an Apple fan, I prefer coding for iOS, but I'm a good Android developer too.

What a freelance web developer does for your business

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Never-ending learner

Millennials will become the most demanding users in the history of software, that is why I'm always improving the readability, adaptability and efficiency of my coding.

End-to-end problem solver

I'm familiar with the entire process of developing a web or an app, which means I've addressed and solved both front-end and back-end problems with creativity and on time.

Surrounded by great people

I'm surrounded by amazing designers, uber organized project managers and data freaks that help me whenever I need them.

Allergic to peanuts

I deliver my best everytime I work, so if you are a professional too and know the value of a good web developer, let's grow together.

Overly attached outsourcer

I like being fully aware of the project so I may even want to attend to your SCRUM meetings!

Addicted to technology

A good chit-chat about the latest trends in technology is always welcome. ;)



Whether you're a business in need of a brand new web or an agency that requires an extra boost in its IT department, get in touch - I’m sure we can do great things together.